Friday 13th


E hj é a última Sexta-feira 13 do ano!!

Para quem quiser relembrar, escrevi aqui sobre essa data macabra há 1 ano atrás…

Happy Jason!! Huhuhuhohohohahahaha!!!


2 respostas em “Friday 13th

  1. Well, I remember that I invaded and landed in England on the 28th of September of the year of our Lord 1066 but honestly I don’t remember whether it was on Friday or something…
    And to tell you all the truht I don’t care!!! The day was of no importance…despite somebody said I will be cursed for ever….Which didn’t happened at all!!!
    But in my opinion Friday the 13th doesn’t mean anything!! That’s for the fool!!! the weak of mind!!!
    Reality is one thing, every other thing is quite another….possible an invention from somebody who needed to be believed….
    I was not a man of fears!! I just only thought of what reality has to offer to us!!! I needed to conquer a land, to be the venerable king of it!! And I succeeded!!!
    Every other tale is just a tall tale!!!
    History and reality will tell everybody who I was and what I did….!!!
    I died in Normandie, France, on 9 September 1087 (I knew it, I was feeling very bad…) but my spirit still haunts on…
    I could recover nowadays wha I wanted to be!!: IMMORTAL!!!
    I’ll be keeping an eye on you and helping you on whatsoever…
    It will be my pleasure to help you out in whatever matter may happen!!!

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